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MyPCBackup lander.logoMany computer users have experienced the anxiety and panic of an unexpected hard drive crash which, of course, always happens at the most inconvenient of times, and it’s not impossible for users themselves to accidentally delete or corrupt a file.

What has been needed for a long time is a way of backing up important data in an efficient but secure and reliable way so that, if such incidents occur, users can be sure that their data won’t be lost forever; MyPCBackup provides just such a service, and has become a firm favourite in the industry.


Developed by internet solution provider, Just Develop It, from its base in Hampshire, UK, MyPCBackup has been firmly established in the field of cloud computing since its inception in 2007, maintaining a healthy position above many wannabe providers. Originally, only users in theUK could benefit from the service but, having moved their main stations to theUS, the developers have ensured that users in theUS can take advantage of it, too.


mypcbackup-logoMyPCBackup works with existing web-based services and applications, and provides effective user-friendly backup and storage of data, along with efficient and speedy retrieval when required, from anywhere in the world.

Users today demand reliable high quality services when dealing with their computer data, and they need to know that everything they commit to cloud storage is transferred and stored in the safest and most efficient way. It’s not an area for compromise; the service has to get it right from the very start, so that users can go about their usual work without having to worry about their backup needs.

Just Develop It has put a great deal of effort into MyPCBackup and it is, without doubt, enhancing the ever-growing online backup industry, providing a safe haven for data for many users across the globe.


MyPCBackup – the Features


Backup and sync all at the same time

MyPCBackup is easy to use, and stays unobtrusively ready for action on the desktop. Once it has been installed, files can be simply dragged and dropped into the sync folder and, from there, they can be synced between multiple PCs automatically. You can arrange scheduled backups, too, which can be carried out during your computer’s downtime, so that it doesn’t interfere with your working day, and avoids the need for you to backup data manually.


Data backed up via MyPCBackup will be placed, by default, into your ‘My Documents’ folder, but other backup sets can be selected, too, based on your own particular requirements. All you will need to do is select ‘backup settings’, then you can manually choose the folders you would like to include in your backup set. Alternatively, you can simply select a file then go to ‘add to backup section’, then ‘backup now’ and files will start to be backed up straightaway.


The sync facility works in the same simple way, needing only a click to select ‘add to sync folder’, and syncing will start immediately, or you can start the process yourself simply by choosing and dragging your chosen file to the sync folder on your desktop.

MyPCBackup is flexible and versatile, requiring no bandwidth throttling.


cloud storage sharingOption for private file-sharing

As a user of MyPCBackup, you will be able to share with family, friends, colleagues, and clients, all kinds of data, from photos, videos, and music, to files and documents, and you can even invite them to share via your online social network using Facebook or Twitter, making it even more convenient for everyone to access.




from the cloud

Data will be available and accessible, from anywhere, and at any time

Today, there is no need for users to have to stay close to their computers, or to have to make sure they keep memory sticks or backup CDs with them; with MyPCBackup, data can be accessed from any PC or indeed, from any smartphone, from anywhere you happen to be, be it from your office just around the corner, or your foreign holiday destination. As long as there is an internet connection, you will be able to retrieve your files.




File versioning

MyPCBackup allows storage of all versions of any of your files for the previous seven days and, if required, this can be extended to thirty days or, if even longer is necessary, for time unlimited, completely removing the need to worry about losing or accidentally deleting a file.




movie fileUpload any type of data

The maximum size of an individual file that can be uploaded is 5GB, which will cover most files sizes. Files, whether simple documents or images, can be uploaded in all possible formats, so you can rest assured that, if you have dedicated a lot of time to a particular file, you will be able to upload it without any restrictions as to size or format.



Online ServerNo limit to backup space

MyPCBackup provides unlimited backup space for all your data, unlike much of the competition which does not provide this essential element. Signing up with MyPCBackup will ensure that you will never run out of backup space; one less thing to worry about when choosing your online file storage solution.



data restorationData restoration

MyPCBackup makes data restoration very simple to do. Just a few clicks, either from the control panel, or the desktop application itself, will enable you to select the files you need to restore, as well as the location in which would like them to be placed once retrieved.  As soon as you have clicked ‘OK’ to the process, restoration will begin; you won’t have to do anything more.




file protectionData security

Uppermost in the minds of all those who are looking for the right online backup provider, is security. After all, there is no point committing precious data to a cloud, if you cannot be assured that it remains completely safe from all risks, during both transfer and storage.  The main incentive for using cloud storage is to keep files not only accessible but safe, too.

The industry standard for file encryption is 128-bit, as used by banks; MyPCBackup goes a lot further than this, and uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data completely safe during file transfer and storage.



blue dollar iconValue for money

MyPCBackup provides unlimited backup for just $4.95 per month, which is excellent value for money, and a lot less expensive than paid-for plans provided by other online backup services, especially for unlimited storage which is not available with many others. MyPCBackup also provides something else that is not only useful, it tells users how confident the developers are that they have created a great product – a money-back guarantee.


MyPCBackup offers a free fourteen day trial, which is  a great way to find out how it all works, without any pressure to commit to anything more permanent. Many potential users appreciate the chance to try something new for nothing, and this service gives them the opportunity to do so.


customer supportCustomer support

MyPCBackup users can be assured of excellent customer support available 24/7 every day of the year, by way of live online chat. In fact, those who have signed up to the service since the beginning of 2012, via the paid-for plan, will have received an email containing customer support numbers, as well as contact details.  MyPCBackup also provides comprehensive and informative articles, as well as video tutorials.




Is there a negative side?

There is a negative aspect to MyPCBackup. It currently cannot be provided to Apple Mac users, which is a shame because it means not that not everyone will be able to take advantage of such a great service. It is possible that when you read these lines, this issue was already solved.




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warning icon

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First Place – #1 Choice

Our team has chosen MyPC Backup as the #1 backup service of 2011-2012 for a reason. We are confident that you will find all your backup needs fulfilled with MyPCBackup, due to its unlimited storage spaceexcellent safety and security standardsreliable backup and, of course, great value for money.

MyPCBackup logoWe tested every aspect of MyPCBackup, and are confident that our ‘two-thumbs-up’ reflects how it has impressed us. We found it simplicity itself to install following the user-friendly instructions, and we were uploading data in no time. A short ‘how to install’ video tutorial is also available should further guidance be needed.

The upload speed is fast; we uploaded 1GB in around five hours, via cable net, and a progress bar kept us up to date with the upload. We could also have opted to have a ‘time remaining’ indicator. Once their data has been uploaded, users can log into the browser for confirmation; browsing of uploaded files works in a similar way to Windows Internet Explorer, something with which most PC users are familiar.


8 Responses to “myPCBackup Review”

  1. Matt says:

    I was whining and crying about my previous cloud storage, it was a real headache, and then my friend suggested MyPC Backup. I am not gonna say that it has changed my life but it did put a big smile on my face. I mean the problem with previous cloud service was it was too slow and way too complicated. Right now I’m on MyPC’s free trial version and it’s awesome, everything’s pretty simple. I’m definitely switching to their full version this week.

  2. Bruce says:

    Let’s just be honest here for a sec, why would I rate MyPC Backup to be the best? The price is perfect, I mean this much storage space for only $4.95 is jut awesome. Plus I had an issue while installing, couldn’t figure out how synchronization works with my other PC, their tech support guys stayed with me until the problem was solved. After installation, everything is just drag and drop right from your desktop screen, so yeah MyPC is definitely the best (at least for me). I don’t think I’ll ever switch my cloud.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I agree with the comments here. Cloud backup is like essential, I can’t even imagine what I would do if I lose my data. Almost everything I do is stored in a hard drive, and it’s obvious that it will crash one day, it’s supposed to. Online backup is necessary and what better service than MyPC Backup; software interface is real easy, there is nothing in this service that you can’t get your head around. First, you don’t get stuck anywhere, everything is right in front of you, just click what you need, but even if you find something hard to swallow, their tech support is available. I haven’t use ‘em cos I haven’t felt the need to.

  4. Alex says:

    When I took MyPC Backup for storage needs, the unlimited backup was the only thing on my mind, I never bothered about their syncing features. But now, after three months I don’t think I can live without those features. I got this cloud for my home usage, I used to share only family photos with my friends and family but later I meddled around their file versioning and it has been a relief as my work files are also stored and synced at the same time with different versions. I really feel like I got my money’s worth.

  5. Terry says:

    MyPC Backup
    One place where you can get the best of online cloud storage is MyPC Backup. Loved the way it just added up into my online life. People call social media their other half but this is my real other half, I can’t imagine living without it. If it were only for putting my data up in online clouds I would have chosen any random service with affordable price tag but it’s the whole package that PC Backup gives me. The way I work my files, scheduled backup suits me more and then there are various versions of my files available here, I believe I have the best online backup.

  6. Gayle says:

    I wonder why not many people are using this service; this is probably the best cloud out there. Just have it installed when you’re done with their free trial period and you’d know why many rate it as number one. Really user-friendly and has truly helpful technical support system, two thumbs up from a satisfied customer!

  7. Trevor says:

    By far the best service, trust me, I have been using another cloud. Won’t say that it totally sucked but it didn’t have anything like MyPC Backup. This cloud gives true value of money. With this, I’m getting a lot more by paying much less, couldn’t have asked for more.

  8. Ryan says:

    I completely agree with people that rate MyPC Backup as the top online backup solution. I did my own searching and compared features and prices of MyPC with others and it’s pretty obvious that this one gives you almost every feature that others are giving, only at a lower price. You get top notch 256 bit encrypted security for only $4.95. I don’t use Macs so I think I’ve got the best deal here.

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