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Here’s one of the questions we’re constantly being asked:

“Which one is better, Carbonite or Mozy? Mozy or Carbonite?
At Online-Backups, our goal is to assist you with that dilemma and provide you with vital information about these two.

However, this question is not easy to answer.

Two major industry leaders of the day – Mozy and Carbonite, two separate entities, both offering the same service, and striving to provide that ‘extra’ that will secure the most users.


mozy logo

Mozy has free and paid-for packages, so is ideal for someone who doesn’t yet want to commit to just one.  They offer safe, secure, automatic backing up that, once set in place (for daily or weekly backups, the choice is yours), leaves you free to concentrate on the more important issues in your life. It has Stash synchronisation that ensures that, as soon as a document or file has been backed up, it is available on all the devices which have been dedicated to it.  Using a local backup folder, data is online in an instant. With Mozy, there is no longer the need to email yourself to get access to your files, and this is a real time-saver

Being able to access your files from anywhere in the world makes life so much easier. Mozy’s application for both Android and IOS ensures that you will have access to all your documents from anywhere that is connected to the internet, from a neighbor’s house just two minutes away, to the other side of the world. An added bonus is that you can even access files you’ve not yet committed to Stash, either because you did not have time, or just forgot. You can access this from the Mozy website from any computer by using Mozy’s application for iphone, ipad, and Android.

With Mozy’s paid-for packages, you have access to online live support and video tutorials, which is a huge bonus; just knowing that live help is instantly available can make all
the difference, especially to the novice.



Carbonite, another leading name in online backups, provides unlimited storage and user-friendly instructions. Sadly, it does not offer a free package, and even the cheapest has the disadvantage in that it can be set up for just one computer only, either Mac or Windows. To be able to link additional computers, you will have to upgrade to one of their more expensive packages, all of which will support Windows only.

Carbonite’s scheduler allows a choice of daily automatic backup times, during computer down-time if required, and the user can even have hourly backups for new and updated files; however, the service only backs up the latest version of a file, not earlier ones.

You will be able to access Carbonite from any computer that is connected to the internet, and there is also a mobile device application that allows access from any Blackberry or Android smartphone, and from Apple IOS, providing the facility to email files to others.


A comparison between Mozy and Carbonite

The most important considerations for online backups:

  • Price and storage - cost, and whether or not there is a free package.
  • Security and accessibility - encryption during and after backup, and the ease of access to files from your PC and elsewhere
  • Customer support - both during set-up and after.
  • Ease of set-up and use - user-friendly instructions and guidance.

Price and storage:

First, you have to take a look at the pricing plans.


Mozy Pricing Plan:

Mozy Pricing Plan

Carbonite Pricing Plan:

Carbonite Pricing

In essence, they both provide efficient, easily accessible and securely encrypted backup and storage of  files and documents.  Mozy provides a free package (not available for business users), with 2 GB but, with Carbonite, you will need to pay for whichever package you choose.

Mozy’s cheapest package is $5.99 per month for 50 GB, and $9.99 per month for 125 GB.
Their cheapest business plan, with a limit of 50GB, is $19.99.

With all their plans, the storage space you get is a little on the pricey side.

Carbonite’s cheapest package is $8.25 but, for that, you get unlimited storage.

Although Carbonite allows you to set up initially with either a Mac or Windows PC, any additional computers you want to set up will have to be Windows only, and you will also have to pay more. This is not the case with Mozy; you can add the computer of your choice. Both Mozy and Carbonite provide incremental backups, and both can be set to back-up when your computer is not in use.

Security and accessibility:

cloud securityBoth Mozy and Carbonite offer encryption and secure transfers both during and after backup, and even while you are working on documents. Mozy allows for managed backup, with the option of a personal key for extra security. Carbonite requires a password before you can access your stored files and, for remote access, additional security questions will be asked. Users can also use their own encryption key.

Both Mozy and Carbonite allow remote accessibility and include apps for mobile devices.


Customer support:

customer supportBoth Mozy and Carbonite offer good customer support via live chat and telephone. They both have searchable knowledgebases, so many questions can be answered without the need to access the other options. They both have free video tutorials, and FAQ sections.



Ease of set-up and use:

ease of useBoth Mozy and Carbonite have user-friendly set-up instructions and the additional easy-to-access video tutorials are there if further guidance is needed. Once your system is set up, it more or less takes care of itself;  all you will need to do is work, as you normally would, on the files and documents to be stored, and the systems will deal with the backing up, securely and efficiently.

Mozy and Carbonite both have a service that will suit everyone, whatever their needs and whatever their budget. What the user will get with either of them is reliable secure storage, and that’s exactly what they want.


The Winner:

Mozy winner

As you can see, this is a close one. We chose Mozy to rank higher in our top 10 due to better prices for most packages, free membership plan, and better servers which provide higher upload and download speed, which dramatically imporve user experience.

This time, our choice is Mozy


Are there better choices?

mypcbackup logoOf course there are. For both business and personal backup purposes we recommend you to read our MyPC Backup Review which has better unlimited storage solutions and prices.

While Mozy and Carbonite are in a battle, MyPCbackup raises the glove and takes over the competition.

MyPCbackup is our #1 top ranked online backup solution in months.

2 Responses to “Mozy vs. Carbonite”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Like other readers, I’ve read through dozens of carbonite vs. mozy opinions, there seemed to be a slight edge to Carbonite because of the ability to access files remotely. Since remote file access isn’t in my top 10 list of critical file back up strengths, I had to try the services myself.Carbonite just sounded more sophisticated to me so I tried it first with the free 15 day trial. My first back up took roughly more than two days to complete, which surprised me since my u/l speeds are generally around 1mbps and the total files were around 1gig. No problem, since I shouldn’t have to do that again. Another problem arose when I tried to add files with my xplorer-2 file explorer, Carbonite doesn’t support that program, but instead only works with Microsoft’s built in File Explorer’. I also found the interface clunky, and not backing up my specific business files. I tried contacting Carbonite about my concerns, but it took them 6 days to return my email, and by that time I had Carbonite removed and Mozy installed. To their credit, they apologized for the long delay in response, and offered me an additional 30 days of trial, but had no solutions for my real concerns of file selection backup and backup speeds.Next after eliminating Carbonite I tried the free Mozy. Generally I would associate a free program like the 2GB Mozy as gimmicky and useless. But to my surprise Mozy installed quite easily, and had me backing up my selected files quickly. Although Mozy didn’t integrate with xplorer-2, it didn’t need to since their program easily found my files. The initial back up for Mozy was 8-9 hours, a vast improvement over Carbonite. Adding files to Mozy was easy too, as the interface felt more intuitive than Carbonite. Overall, I was definitely put off by the slow backup, clunky interface and poor customer service of Carbonite. Mozy installed quickly, let me find my files easily, and backed up my files relatively fast. I still have Mozy installed on my computer and haven’t had a reason to contact customer service yet (fingers crossed!).

  2. Ken Brown says:

    I have been using Mozy for a year. Some items to note. When I needed to restore. My backup was corrupted. They worked with me to create a new archive for download but pulled it from the site before I could get it restored (124gb takes a long time). The restore was also very slow. They took a look at it and agreed it was slow and not because my ISP. I continue to work with them but their level 3 support is not responding to me. Very frustrated with Mozy!

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